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February 8, 2014

I Stayed Up All Night To Get Lucky

Russian Police Choir Olympics 3

It’s not often I’m rendered speechless. The performance of the Daft Punk song by the Russian Police Choir at Sochi’s Opening Ceremonies was, simultaneously, one of the most hilarious and scariest things I’ve even witnessed. Clearly, pop culture has become the veneer with which to gloss over or sex up any sordid mechanism of the state. Irony? Parody? Farce? Just candy? Beats me — especially looking at some of the boss-type backups not singing.

Russian Police Choir Olympics 1

Russian Police Choir Olympics 2

As disarming as these uniforms are, I imagine Gen. al-Sisi’s not far behind.

Definitely watch the whole performance here.

(screenshots: NBC Sports)

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