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Militarism Focus Photo March 31, 2014

Some Random Thoughts on Charles Ommanney's Americans with Guns

At this point, they only strap on the babies to tweak the Liberals.

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MA370: Still Haunting

All it takes is the prompt it has something to do with MA370 and the mind starts going.

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International Focus Photo March 29, 2014

Instagram Mining: whitehouse meets popefrancis

With world leaders and heads of state now standard fixtures on Instagram, I was curious about your take on each's version of the Obama-Pope, Pope-Obama meet up.

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Media & Culture Photo March 28, 2014

Lynsey Addario and that Audi Commercial: Reframing the War Photographer — (Postscript Added)

My first and second thoughts on a set of commercials featuring a famous war photographer.

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Visual Forensics Photo March 27, 2014

The Dysfunctional Guitar: More on the Reuters Syria Photo Controversy

In this atmosphere of doubt, it's worthwhile to consider these images involving the presence of this musical instrument in multiple images. What really convinced me to share them publicly, though, was the confusing and misdirected explanation I received from Reuters after having contacted them.

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Photo March 26, 2014

Relative Vantage of the Day: FLOTUS at The Great Wall

“If there’s no press, that’s a demonstration. If there’s a lively press that gets what it needs, that’s a demonstration."

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Visual Practices & Ethics Photo March 25, 2014

Were the Reuters "Boy in a Syrian Bomb Factory" Photos Staged?

We hope that this post might contribute to a thoughtful, open and persistent examination about the truth behind this story as well as the issues surrounding how photos in conflict zones can be procured today.

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Disaster Focus Photo March 24, 2014

Aboard Malaysia Air Flight 370

If up to now, you only imagined the fated plane in your minds eye as a blip on a radar screen or even a murky fragment on a sea bottom somewhere, we’re now actually, incredibly on board.

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International Focus Photo March 21, 2014

Archivin': When Obama Met Putin

With Russia suddenly vacuuming up real estate, we thought a little background was in order.

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Media Focus Photo

Trial by Slide Show? On Lens, Molhem Barakat and the Reuters Scandal

It's troubling to think that the last word on Molhem's reputation might hinge on the slideshow, the visual association to a thickening scandal and a more nominal connection to suspect deeds.

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Media Focus Photo March 20, 2014

If You Can't Join 'Em, Outshoot 'Em: Dharapak, AP Take On White House Over Dalai Lama

What the administration doesn't seem to be considering is that the press, beyond the venting and the resentment, is going to raise its game.

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Disaster Focus Photo March 18, 2014

On that Photo from the Hope Wall at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

What is a face but a map, its own mystery.

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Media Focus Photo

As Facebook Pics of Malaysia Air Passengers Land on Buzzfeed … Hijacked Twice?

What are the ethics of of high traffic news and infotainment websites using a person's Facebook image if that person was on an erased airliner? Is it just a case of, "well, you should have thought of that before you disappeared?"

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Photo March 17, 2014

Winner of Last Week’s "Most Paranoid CIA-Feinstein News Photo" Contest

And the winner goes to Mark Wilson and Getty Images for the "cop with the arms crossed" photo. Clearly that expression catches the enforcement officer dead-to-rights surveilling the Senator.

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo March 16, 2014

Random Acts of Photography … and Public Good

Whatever else happened on February 25th, there was someone in Vancouver who wasn’t working on branding, who wasn’t worried about others free-riding, who was willing to spend time and money and effort to improve the commons.

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President Obama Photo March 14, 2014

On Ukraine, that Viral Kerry-Lavrov Photo and More Complex Feelings

From my perspective, I think this is a bold and honest photo for the White House to publish. I imagine the White House is confiding there is no way we can take this head on.

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Photo Op-date: Obama at the GAP

If the White House has been nothing but masterful, consistent and highly disciplined in its photo ops, Monsivais’s shot down the checkout counter pulls back the curtain on the stage set.

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Business Focus Photo March 13, 2014

A Meditation on the Crowdsourcing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Given our awesome connectivity and the enhanced visibility of just about every square inch, the online public search effort is a visual and technological angel mission. And yet...

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