March 31, 2014

Some Random Thoughts on Charles Ommanney's Americans with Guns

Ommanney guns3a

At this point, they only strap on the babies to tweak the Liberals.

Ommanney guns 2

I guess what’s interesting about the photo is how intimate it is. The thing is, the objects are just too arranged (with that Susan B. Anthony, and all). Makes me wonder where she does keep the gun, though. Also, that card with the flowers on it? For a second, I thought it was a tombstone.

Ommanney guns 4

Long ago, I learned never to be mean to subjects in the pictures (although notable slips have occurred with political figures). That’s why I’m being reserved — except to say that all the things that are tilted are interesting.

…But I’m not going anywhere near the dog.

Ommanney guns 1a

The reason they couldn’t pass the gun legislation. (Hence, the smirk.)

CO button 1

…It’ll be the same with the Hillary button.

Regarding the full article at Slate: honestly, Ommanney’s words give his photos serious competition — and that’s saying a lot. “I’m just a guy from across the pond and I was wondering if you might be willing…” That’s brilliant. The folks really went all out.

View the entire edit, full size (including the coin) with captions: This Is What Gun Ownership Looks Like in America (Slate)

(photos: Charles Ommanney/Reportage by Getty Images via Slate)

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