March 7, 2014

Photographer Mark Peterson Does CPAC

Mark Peterson MSNBC CPAC McConnell

Mark Peterson is back with some wonderfully grainy, acerbic photos from the annual conservative conclave. He’s covering the event on MSNBC’s Instagram feed mixed in with other subjects, like SXSW.) Otherwise, here are three portraits with our own captions capturing some of the key moments of this momentous political event.

Above, Senator McConnell takes the stage holding aloft some kind of long thin metallic object.

Mark Peterson MSNBC CPAC 1

Rick Perry has a new pair of glasses.

Mark Peterson MSNBC CPAC Christie

From what I’m told, it’s Governor Christie repeating January’s four hour bridge closing press conference word-for-word — this time, in the state of Maryland.

Carry on, Mark.

(photos: Mark Peterson/Instagram via MSNBC. March 6, 2014, in National Harbor, Md.)

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