March 3, 2014

War III or the Oscars?

Screen Shot 2014 03 03 at 10 25 40 AM

This tweet was stellar this weekend in capturing the bizarre alternation in the Twittersphere between Russian invasions (watch out for those US military bases!) and the chatter leading up to Hollywood’s largest hardware show.

So, you know we don’t post much about network news given its already impressive self-parody quotient. This, however, was too good to pass up. The fact the broadcast was using the theater district as a backdrop and the anchors were interviewing another ABC anchor is just the set up. If you bother with the whole clip, a deadly serious video report from Ukraine is punctuated by a concerned follow up by Stephanopoulos, who then immediately pivots to kvelling about heading out to the Oscars and being part of the ABC show.

ABC Oscars Ukraine 2

ABC Oscars Ukraine 3

When it come to breathlessness, blurred lines, news ADD and high speed shifts in tone, the networks — if easy marks — hold no monopoly. Who knows what pace and flow means anymore living in this buzzing world.

ABC Oscars Ukraine 4

(photo/screenshot 1: @diski/Twitter. screenshots 2-4:

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