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International Focus Photo April 30, 2014

Finbarr O'Reilly and the Fabulist Art of the Israeli Bomb Shelter

What strains also is the actual imagining of a "promised" land -- with the delusional notion that, once the air raid siren goes off, residents simply meld into the Zionist dream.

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Culture Focus Photo April 29, 2014

Bad Westerns: That Shot of the Bundy Posse Observing the Anthem

What may be a moment of reverent patriotism is also an image of the last cowboys mourning their own demise.

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Race Focus Photo April 28, 2014

Hash Tag Mining: NBA Clippers vs. Owner Donald Sterling

It's black because that's the issue.

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Business Focus Photo April 26, 2014

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats … and Other Modern Myths

If the National Geographic photos are aimed at social reform, they document something else as well: the shift in modernism from a utopian to a dystopian trajectory.

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Viral, But Why? That Photoshop Swarm over LAX

I'm entranced, too, but I'm wondering why architectural photographer, Mike Kelley's beautiful and meticulous LAX photoshop image, "Wake Turbulence," went viral.

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International Focus Photo April 25, 2014

Gaza Riding Club: The Seduction of Seeing Palestinians Better Off

The potential existence of an elite class in Gaza – as much as America worships wealth and the demonstration of it – makes the Gazans not only look more normative and less like "the other."

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Culture Focus Photo April 24, 2014

On NYT Mag's Obama/Gay Marriage Cover and that "Projectile Bouquet"

The way that Obama agonizes over his trajectory, perhaps the mixed metaphor is a direct hit.

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Occupying #MyNYPD

How fitting what might be the first social media mass demonstration is playing out on truly communal real estate.

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Women and Gender Focus Photo April 22, 2014

Ambassadors! They’re Just Like Us! A Day in the Life of Samantha Power

Photo spreads like these are part celebrity profile and part Horatio Alger myth.

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Militarism Focus Photo April 21, 2014

Boston Marathon 2014: Back to (the New) Normal

Funny how getting back on track looks a lot like war time.

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Media Focus Photo

SI's #BostonStrong Cover

I imagine it's almost sacrilegious to to get too analytical about this, but it's interesting just how much the bombing seems to have threatened the psyche of this city.

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Photo April 20, 2014

Picture of the Day: Manly Beach

Of course, it's a typical example of sex as a news photo selling device, but it's notable, too, for the way it reads differently in the US.

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Culture Focus Photo April 17, 2014

Drone Visuals, Selfies and Human Agency

The drone and the selfie inhabit different ends of an image spectrum. Both in terms of production and consumption, the selfie is all us and the drone is all them. We know us well. We don’t know them at all.

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The Sound and the Furry: Is This a News Photo?

Specifically, a news photo delivers news content -- in contrast to "human interest photos" or photos that operate as "infotainment."

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Culture Focus Photo April 15, 2014

Todd Heisler's Border Vision

What Heisler offers us is a larger eye – the reality that America and Mexico have a more unusual course and unavoidable interconnection.

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One Year Later: Josh Haner’s Pulitzer Winning Boston Marathon Bombing Photos and the "Terror War"

What makes Josh Haner's Pulitzer Prize winning photo story so powerful is the way it so closely and painfully evokes America's "War on Terror."

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Media Focus Photo April 14, 2014

Beyond the Photoshopping: Privilege, Poverty and the Washingtonian's Jay Carney Spread

If Jay Carney is the public face of the Obama administration, what his family is doing here -- the Washington area being the richest in the nation -- is demonstrating an obscene degree of plenty.

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