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April 26, 2014

Viral, But Why? That Photoshop Swarm over LAX

I’m entranced, too, but I’m wondering why architectural photographer, Mike Kelley’s beautiful and meticulous LAX photoshop image, “Wake Turbulence,” went viral.  Taking a few flies at it:

• Marvels how life/transit, as complicated as it is, mostly works.

• Taps into air travel as goat herding.  Poetically speaks to traveler’s frustration.

• Captures life as unrelenting chaos. The rat race. Too many balls in the air.

• It’s the curiosity of right-to-left.  Flying backwards.

• It’s technological but also primal. Like we’re just as much a swarm of bees.

• Constantly bombarded as we are with the mundane and redundant, it’s a novelty home run.

• If you click it larger, you’ll notice the carriers are all international.  And, what might that say?


… By the way, you can read Mike Kelley’s backstory here.

(photo: Mike Kelley)

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