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Photography/Photojournalism Photo May 10, 2014

How They See Us: The World Trade Center

As much as the Freedom Tower is all about America’s grief and will, to the Russian on holiday it's just one more stop between the Chrysler Building and Liberty Island.

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International Focus Photo May 9, 2014

#BringBackOurGirls: The Complex Optics of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

The controversy over the politics of representation in #BringBackOurGirls must be used to bolster the broader campaign for women’s safety, autonomy, and right to consent.

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Media Focus Photo May 7, 2014

That Vanity Fair Monica Lewinsky Spread: Black and White and Re(a)d All Over

What were left with (if it's not a parody on her claim to fame) is the act of her giving her body.

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The Open-and-Shut Assault Case Against Occupy Activist, Cecily McMillan: Just Look at the Pictures

And, if you thought this story had to do with anything more than the state and a woman's body, this shot puts that to rest.

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President Obama Photo May 5, 2014

That Sleazy Obama – Sebelius White House Correspondents Dinner Photo

Evoking the stereotype of the hyper-sexual black man and the penchant for white women, it's still one more photo of the first black president with racist overtones.

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About Those Callous Selfies

I'm not prepared to say that this photo or its innumerable cousins have any moral implications at all.

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International Focus Photo May 3, 2014

Spacious Photos of People Living in Shoeboxes

Spurred by top and bottom incomes rocketing in opposite directions, these eye-catching and, certainly, morally disorienting bird's eye views capture people in Hong Kong's high rises forced to exist in closet-sized spaces.

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Photo May 2, 2014

Some Guy Executed Somewhere After a Couple of Tries

I wonder how much the randomness is reflective of how little we want to see, understand and take responsibility for this brand of extermination.

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Disaster Focus Photo May 1, 2014

The S. Korean Ferry Disaster: Living Hell in an Increasingly Mediated Age

I'm referring to how and how much participants live the experience live via screens and visual and social media. Which then, we do.

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