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David Degner Photo May 30, 2014

David Degner on Egypt's Telltale Election: The Result of a Hard, Sad and Bloody Process

If this bus was a violation of the "no-campaigning during voting" rules, it didn't matter.

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Looking at (People Looking at) Andres Serrano’s Homeless Portraits

A powerful effect of the installation, intentional or not, is to pique our curiosity as to how, and how much, people do or don't engage with the imagery.

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Media Focus Photo May 29, 2014

Another Photo from Isla Vista Saturday: Murder, and a Woman on Skateboard

What I’m wondering is, why was this photo so popular and in what way does it relate to the story?

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Media Focus Photo May 28, 2014

Visual Media, Misogyny and the UCSB Shooting: The Alpha Phi “Upskirt” Shot

Is the objectification of women so entrenched in our culture and media that it's inescapable, even in the visual reporting of this extraordinarily troubling story?

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David Degner Photo May 27, 2014

David Degner from Cairo: On the Sissi Election and Egypt Under the Boot

If there is cheering and yelling at events like this, my sense is that most Egyptians are quietly resigned. It’s so predictable from here out. Egyptians have lost their voice again.

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Middle East Watch Photo May 26, 2014

Pope Francis at the Separation Wall

The natural recipient of awe, it's that rare to see the Pope ceding this much power to anything.

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Militarism Focus Photo May 25, 2014

The Rare Memorial Day Photo: Balancing Remembrance with Just a Holiday

What I admire about these photos by Getty’s Nicholas Kamm is how fully they capture and balance both themes.

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Sports Focus Photo May 24, 2014

World Cup Picture of the Week: You Can't Eat Soccer Balls

Do you know what I liked best about this Sao Paolo graffiti art that went viral this week?

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo May 23, 2014

Central African Gunman Loose in Paris … Fighting for Photography

It's interesting to see this group take photojournalism, as a provocative exercise, to the streets. I just can't tell if this photo has their back or not.

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Militarism Focus Photo May 22, 2014

War, Politics and Disability: Tammy Duckworth's VA Scandal Interview Photo

What’s disturbing is when objects -- especially those of deep emotional and moral value -- become the framing elements for political equivocation.

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Business Focus Photo May 21, 2014

Growing Old in Prison

If you didn't know the context, you wouldn't know these men were inmates or that the images had anything to do with the penal system.

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Eco Watch Photo May 19, 2014

James Whitlow Delano – Fifth Dispatch: Slash Cameroon’s Rainforest and Lose Ancestor’s Souls

In this longread and photojournal for BagNews Originals, photographer James Whitlow Delano details the impact of multinational logging and palm oil operations on the people and rainforest of Cameroon.

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Culture Focus Photo May 18, 2014

Concern and Eroticism: Wire Services Warm Up for Brazil and World Cup

Here comes the World Cup -- and the effort by Western visual media to create a simultaneously vital and salable picture of the Brazilian social and political landscape.

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Activism & Protest Photo May 15, 2014

Missing the Big Picture: How Cecily McMillan, Convicted of Assault, Was Violently Assaulted by NYPD at M17 Occupy Protest

 What is curious about Cecily McMillan's ordeal is that, in spite of the mountain of critical fragments that were captured and published, the visuals have failed to focus the public mind around a smoking gun.

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Ask Not What a Meltdown Can Do For You

If her father was revered for concentrating America on the moon, cultivating a national optimism out of a technological and patriotic savvy, what a long fall we've had.

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International Focus Photo May 14, 2014

Bring Back Our Girls … From the Digital Divide

What the girls represented was a blind spot -- active evidence that the web isn't, in fact, omniscient, and our digital experience -- as much as it feels like the essence of inclusivity -- is overwhelmingly exclusive and exclusionary.

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Politics Photo May 12, 2014

Reality Show President: Inside the White House PR Machine

In producing this just-under 12 minute video, ReasonTV draws on quotes from BagNews to illustrate how thoroughly the White House controls Obama's visual image.

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Media Focus Photo

Michael Sam's Draft Day Kiss: ESPN as Deep Throat

What's mainly an issue here is how media makes all of us flies on the wall without causing us to think about how we got in the room in the first place.

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