May 24, 2014

World Cup Picture of the Week: You Can't Eat Soccer Balls

You know what I liked best about this Sao Paolo graffiti art that went viral this week?

It’s how the Reuters frame of the graffiti artist, Paulo Ito on his cell phone, reveals how the scene is painted on different doors. Besides the contrast between the artist’s industriousness and the abject picture of soccer-spoitation, I like how this manual multi-media projects an even bigger spectacle … and that much wider a gap.

The backstory, including why Ito didn’t produce this in a favela.

(photo 1 Paolo Ito/Flickrphoto 2: Nacho Doce/Reuters. caption: Brazilian artist Paulo Ito talks on his mobile phone next to graffiti he painted referencing the 2014 World Cup, on the door of a public schoolhouse in Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 22, 2014.)

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