June 16, 2014

The Marriage of Wedding Photography and Photojournalism Getting Totally Out of Hand

While I’m gathering my thoughts on weightier events from the last few days, I couldn’t resist a few takes on this wire photo that turned up in Time’s “Pictures of the Week” gallery Friday. (See caption below.)

> April and Michael’s 15 minutes of flame.

> Honey, did you remember to pay the private fire department bill?

> My love is on fire.  (I like this one too.)

> Till drought do us part.

>>I thought you were in charge of the flowers.

>> America: open for business throughout the apocalypse.

(photo: Josh Newton/AP. caption: Jun. 7, 2014. Newlyweds Michael Wolber and April Hartley pose for a picture near Bend, Ore., as a wildfire burns in the background. Because of the approaching fire, the minister conducted an abbreviated ceremony and the wedding party was evacuated to a downtown Bend park for the reception.)

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