June 27, 2014

Hashtag Mining: The Politics of World Cup Watching

10th Mountain World Cup

Forward Operating Base Lightening, Afghanistan. (Yeah, the weapon was a huge hit on the interwebs.)

Obama AF1 World Cup

Air Force 1. (Leading from behind?)

Astronauts World Cup

Space. (Calling Sandra Bullock.)

NYSE World Cup

NY Stock Exchange 1.

NYSE World Cup Sach

NY Stock Exchange 2. (Every stock with USA in its name, up a point.)

WSJ World Cup

Wall Street Journal. The Sports Industrial Complex desk.

World Bank World Cup

World Bank. (They’ve got money on everyone.)

Aleppo fighters World Cup

Beats the hell out of worrying about Syria, too. (Rebel fighters in Aleppo.)

(photo/screen grab 1: NYFinest27/Twitter. caption: American Troops watching the soccer game…. Guy in the red pic.twitter.com/1RvQoGEyoQ photo 2: Doug Mills/DougMillsNYT-Twitter. caption: President Obama watches the USA vs Germany World Cup game aboard Air Force One enroute to Minneapolis. #worldcup photo 3: NASA/AP. caption: Astronauts Steve Swanson, left, Reid Wiseman, right, and German astronaut. Astronauts Steve Swanson, left, Reid Wiseman, right, and German astronaut Alexander Gerst, center, kick around a soccer ball some 230 miles above Earth aboard the International Space Station.photo 4: @SandraNavidi/Twitter. caption: US vs Germany soccer World Cup match: All traders watching #NYSE #GERUSAphoto 5: johnkobs/Instagram. caption: 6/26/14: Not a lot of trading getting done during the #WorldCup! #NYSE @sportsnation @chatsportsphoto 6: stevewiz68/Instagram. caption: 6/26/14: A view of the #WSJ #newsroom (there I am hard at work!) at the start of today’s big #worldcup2014 game #newyork #newyorkcity photo 7: pacouceiro/Instagram. caption: 6/20.14: World Bank. Watching the best match yet. #WorldCup at the #WorldBank #BRAvsMEX #Ochoa photo 8: JM Lopez/AFP/GettyImagescaption: Opposition fighters watch television on the front line in the Saf Al-Dawla neighborhood of Aleppo, Syria, Sept. 29, 2013.)

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