September 13, 2014

More Fashion Week: I'm My Own Grandpa

Geezer pants fashion week nyt 675

So, I can’t tell if I would have read these Duckie Brown duds as strongly this way without having seen this tweet/quote in the NYT FW photo feature:

The geezer waistline for S/S 2015. Right in line with the shuffleboard trend. No, really. — @GuyTrebay

Beneath the quips, though, I think there’s something really clever going on here. As the aging boomers wrench the Social Security system with their longevity and draw outsized attention from Madison Avenue for all their cultural authority and disposable income, these drawers play on that ubiquity. The grampy pants, and even the kids expression seems to speak to the idea that the youngins’ have been subsumed. The morphing here actually made  the lyrics to Willie Nelson’s, “I’m My Own Grandpa,” start ringing in my head.

“Want to make a statement?” “Want to get noticed?” You can … by borrowing back some status with your own senior breeches.

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(photo: NowFashion)

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