September 21, 2014

Photoville 14: In Gezi Park, and in Space


I’m spending the week in New York culminating next Sunday with the BagNewsSalon at Photoville reading some of the top news images of the year. (Watch for our post on Monday with the actual photos.) Between now and then, I’m hoping to do a few of entries on the festival. To lead off, I wanted to share these cell phone pics I snapped last night of one of the exhibitions. (If Photoville is new to you, it’s held on the pier in Brooklyn and all the exhibits are staged in shipping containers.)

This installation features the work of photographers Emine Gozde Sevim and Jake Price, and it was curated by Jamie Wellford. Both photographers were in Gezi Park in Istanbul in 2013 during the protests against the government. The project is titled “Köpruüaltı,” which translates as “Under the Bridge” and you can see a full description here.


The reason I wanted you to see it, though, is for the way it translates the images into space. (You can see the lights from high rise apartment in the background and, through the curtain, you can make out the images mounted on the walls of the container, consistent with the rest of the exhibits here. In projecting the photos onto this curtain however — a fairly simply idea (and with less glare than my camera picked up) — it not only feels like you’re on the street in Istanbul but that it reveals the mid-point of that process in which we move photos to our mind.

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