October 27, 2014

That Photo of Chris Christie's Ebola Detainee

God help us if there was anything like a real health emergency in this country — especially in an election year. In this case, Kaci Hickox — a nurse who was flushed after getting off an airplane from West Africa — was imprisoned for three days in New Jersey under the auspices of presidential aspirant, Chris Christie. (At least the paranoid misogynists approved.)

…Did I mention Christie was interviewed for the NYT story from a Melbourne, Florida zoo?

What lends to the ominousness is the window inside the photo … on top of the Gitmo vibe.   Is this the scene the liberals and Tea Partiers finally see eye-to-eye on. Welcome to the Gulag, or the force feeding room. It’s like a post card from Orwell.

(photo: Steven Hyman caption: Kaci Hickox, a nurse who recently returned from West Africa, was quarantined for the past three days in a tent at a New Jersey hospital.)

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