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Ferguson MO Photo October 12, 2014

And We'll Get Back to Those Slain Black Youths Right After Baseball

It’s a troubling commentary on our cultural and media priorities that the civil rights story and the playoff hoopla have been so seamlessly grafted.

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Disaster Focus Photo October 11, 2014

Benedicte Kurzen's Complex and Mysterious Photo from Ebola-Stricken Monrovia

This is one of the richest, most curious and most suggestive editorial photos I've seen in a while. I'm interested in your thoughts.

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Philip Perdue Photo October 9, 2014

…And on the Home Front, U.S. History Activists Go Full Norman Rockwell

If the optics coming out of Hong Kong over the past few weeks make visual democracy look like a western export, it’s worth pausing to notice how the look and feel of civil dissent is taking shape out west.

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Media-Wise, Could Everyday Africa Change Everything?

If Everyday Africa and the rest of the "Everyday" sites can maintain their momentum, a revolution is coming to photojournalism and visual news.

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International Focus Photo October 8, 2014

Hong Kong: He Says Umbrella Revolution, She Says Post-it Note

If the umbrella is a more functional item, the Post-It note is more reflective of the word, the voice, a multiplicity of voices -- and social in the old fashioned way.

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Business Focus Photo October 6, 2014

Abdullah's 100 Yard Prayer Rug: The Visual Landscape of Faith and Violence in Sports and the NFL

The NFL's missteps must become opportunities to address the symbols of violence that the league promotes. Can Abdullah help us do that?

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Soul Searching Photos Replace “Shock and Awe” as Defense Industry Leads Us into Next Iraq War

As we roll almost mutely into another war, there is no end of high-priced hardware once more ready to burn.

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Culture Focus Photo October 5, 2014

Hindsight and News Photography: On a Bio-Hazardous Dallas Balcony

Unfortunately, one thing news photography is good at is second-guessing, especially when it comes to homeland security.

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Culture Focus Photo October 3, 2014

Does Up-and-Coming Model With Unusual Skin Condition Take Us Beyond Diversity?

How much is Ms. Brown-Young's condition, as a beauty signature, more singularly about "the other?"

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Disaster Focus Photo October 1, 2014

Sensational Ebola Pictures: Those Aren't Astronauts

Its been too easy in the West to either ignore the Ebola pictures, or pull up a chair for the horror show.

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Eco Watch Photo

Climate Change: Finally Matter-of-Fact?

I wonder if we’re approaching a whole new level of acknowledgment and realism surrounding climate change.

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