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Protest Focus Photo October 31, 2014

Pictures from the Giants World Series Riot you Haven't Seen in Other Victory Riots

To the extent the celebration turned ugly, there were factors at play beyond the influence of alcohol or generalized frustration. Resentment over the tech boom and gentrification-on-steroids seemed very much on display.

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President Obama Photo October 30, 2014

Photo Op Chemistry as de Blasio Ebola Shot Turns to Bacon

I guess the question is, how much are the photo-op and the visual press release creating reassurance as opposed to their own hemorrhagic reactions to the disease?

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President Obama Photo October 29, 2014

Businessweek’s Nearsighted "Obama Crisis Management" Cover

You'd think people understood by now that Obama is a lot more likely to accessorize with a hair shirt than a pair of shades.

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Photo October 27, 2014

That Photo of Chris Christie's Ebola Detainee

...Did I mention Christie was interviewed for the NYT story from a Melbourne, Florida zoo?

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On those Viral Photos of African Migrants atop the Melilla Golf Course Fence

In this version of the photo, however, there is one element that makes quite a difference. It's that the golfer on the left seems to notice the men scaling the fence.

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President Obama Photo October 26, 2014

American Ebola: Visual Highs and Lows of the Week

As for those shots of the NYC policemen tossing rubber gloves and masks in a public garbage can, never mind how the Mail article, in two places, strongly suggests that the officers hadn't even been inside Dr Spencer's apartment.

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International Focus Photo October 24, 2014

China, Lego of Hong Kong!'s actually live outside government headquarters.

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International Focus Photo October 23, 2014

Why that NYT Liberia Photo, Reflecting an Ebola Treatment Unit in the Mirror, Was so Contagious

The media panic has involved massive injections of fear regarding viral replication, contagion, and the ultimate displacement of death, so perhaps an image of photographic doubling can contain some of the excess emotion.

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The Shooting at the Canadian National War Memorial: What's Going to Last

More than anything, what has been fundamentally altered as a result of yesterday’s events is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that 24-year-old Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was assign to guard and defend.

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International Focus Photo October 21, 2014

About Race and those Ebola Handheld Thermometer Pictures on Western News Sites

Given the “loaded nature” of the objects and the situation, there are certainly ways to capture a scene like this that is not only more sensitive (and more mundane), but steers clear of the exploitive associations to race and violence.

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Ferguson MO Photo

News Photos: Has Lack of Context Reached a Tipping Point? (And Ferguson Protesters Did WHAT w US Flag?!)

Essentially what we have from a media standpoint — a picture worth a thousand words, and the caption not that many -- are black people rampaging with Old Glory.

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President Obama Photo October 19, 2014

Obola: Visual Attacks on Obama Pick Up Where Kenya/Muslim Slurs Left Off

Almost seven years down the road from the election of the first black American president, in many respects it seems we're back where we started.

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Hong Kong: The Umbrella As State-of-Mind

As the signature of a movement enduring dismemberment , the umbrella ceases to be just one more umbrella, just as the wire cutters cease to be just a tool.

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Culture Focus Photo October 16, 2014

Nostalgic for Anthrax

At least, I'm sure the Secret Service has all the entrances secured.

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Wage Slaves and Fatal Naps

There are many dramatic events and concerns that fill the visual news window every day. The despair of the low wage hourly worker isn’t the first one that comes to mind.

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Campaign '16 Photo October 15, 2014

The Battle for Fangirls '16. Or: "Look Dad, it’s Hillary Fuckang Clintaaaaaaaan!!!!"

On Hillary Clinton and the early contest for the hipster millennial female swing voter.

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Culture Focus Photo October 14, 2014

Mashup of the Day: Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

Maybe it’s relevant for drawing together the two biggest visual stories in the news stream right now — both involving blacks at risk.

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A Simple News Photo from Hong Kong Calls out the Economics

n this age of Citizens United, oligarchy, marauding socialist market economies and free markets aligned with the value of "all-for-one," when do you ever see a protest photo that captures and illustrates the enterprise system itself — as opposed to the crackdown in the streets in defense of that...

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