November 25, 2014

Mike Brown as Super Human: Wilson’s Testimony in the Echo of Lichtenstein’s Death Pile Photo

Eight or so days ago, this photo from Michael Brown’s death site memorial pile by Andrew Lichtenstein gave me pause for its sensitivity and almost aching quiet. What I can’t say is how much it channeled or predicted any of the themes from Darren Wilson’s grand jury testimony released last night. Human intuition being that much a marvel, however, what I can say is that reading Wilson’s comments below,  Andrew’s photo came back to me in a way that almost struck me dumb. (You can click for full size.)

…And then, if you haven’t been following the aptly named Ferguson “data dump” all that closely, this looms too.

(photo: Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis caption: Nov. 16, 2014. A snow-covered stuffed Spider-Man lays on top of a memorial pile at the site of Michael Brown’s killing. The northern St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Mo. anxiously awaits a grand jury verdict to be released three months after the fatal shooting of the local teenager by a Ferguson police officer. tweet 1: John Randolph @braveh3art. tweet 2: @ClaraJeffery.)

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