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Terror Focus Photo December 30, 2014

More Best Photos: Alec Soth's Red and White School Shooting Drill

Without a human face to be seen, these two colors end up congealing awkwardly around so much hair and so many tangled body parts, just daring the imagination to yield to their visceral pull.

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Congress – Dysfunctional Pictures of the Year

If our broken political system represents perhaps the greatest threat to the American enterprise, why wouldn't this debacle be the source of endless feature images and photo galleries of shame?

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Culture Focus Photo December 29, 2014

Pictures That Lead: Race and Law Enforcement a Lot More Complex Than NYPD vs. de Blasio

Media doesn't do the public or the culture any favors in focusing so overwhelmingly on street battles and gotcha imagery.

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Photography/Photojournalism Photo December 27, 2014

Why We No Longer Have to See the Thing We’re Looking At

What’s brilliant about the photo that it’s as audacious and unique as it is inevitable.

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International Focus Photo December 25, 2014

Our Person of the Year: The Rebel Fighter

More in the realm of coolness, so much for hearts and minds.

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Ferguson MO Photo

Looking Back on '14 With Compassion and Depth

I've been continually moved this year by imagery that took difficult situations and found a deeper human element.

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Culture Focus Photo December 23, 2014

It's One of the Best Pictures of the Year Because…

If media skews to the dark side, the gift of the photo is the reminder that life is how you look at it.

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Wedding Photography and Gun Fights: Quite the Timing, No?

The way guns can so quickly refigure domestic life, I wonder if members of this wedding party appreciated just how loaded this pictures is.

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International Focus Photo December 22, 2014

Having the Goods on Cuba

Call this unattributed Reuters photo a dig at the communist version of a big box store.

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Media & Culture Photo December 21, 2014

Ode to Light: Making Street Photography in a Cynical Age — by Amy Touchette

I know that if I’m to continue making photographs of the general public, I need to be aware of the context in which we live. I’m ready to explain to people that they are beautiful, that they are unique, and that they are worthy of being recognized, even if...

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Ferguson MO Photo

NYPD Apostrophe "T"

If pro-police demonstrators were seen wearing t-shirts mockingly pushing back on the #ICan'tBreathe meme, yesterday's act has completely altered the atmosphere.

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Business Focus Photo December 19, 2014

Theater of War: Quick Takes on Sony's Surrender

Somewhere, Borat is laughing his ass off.

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Eco Watch Photo December 18, 2014

Photos of the Year '14: Climate Change

Like a sociologist (and a humorist), Sullivan captures a sense of the drought that extends to the whole of suburbia.

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Bush Focus Photo December 17, 2014

Jeb's Presidential Facebook Call All About the Profile Pic

With a more rainbow approach to America, the visual tonic is: we're not your father's GOP.

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Media Focus Photo December 16, 2014

Furry Friends Meet Cheap Clicks. (Or, the Rabid Proliferation of Year End Photo Lists.)

In the year end fight for eyeballs, it's a jungle out there.

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Faith Focus Photo

ISIS Hysteria Meets War on Christmas: On the Sydney Hostage Siege Screenshot

Gender-wise, the photo surely did have a voyeuristic and almost sado-sexual vibe to it.

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Bush Focus Photo December 15, 2014

With Cheney, You Always Could Tell the Book From the Cover

It’s like the media is discovering anew the man lives in a parallel universe when the cover of his 2011 biography said it all.

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