December 17, 2014

Jeb's Presidential Facebook Call All About the Profile Pic

The fuller shot:

Whatever the words, Team Bush III and it’s presidential exploratory announcement provided the first occasion to roll out Jeb’s  general election secret weapon, his family portrait. In the words of that FOB, Karl Rove, as I’ve so often cited, “politics is TV with the sound off.” (Architect Rove, of course, was also driven by the conviction that posing Dubya and Laura with Blacks and Hispanics in every public photo-op they could would help pave the way to that permanent Republican electoral majority.)

The nonverbal message with the profile pic (and the next few, as well, on Jeb’s Facebook page) is loud and clear for a party so diversity-deficient and immigration-impaired. With a more rainbow approach to America, aiming reassurance also at voters who have so much trouble breathing these days, the visual tonic is: we’re not your father’s or your grandfather’s GOP.  (Along those lines, the big news today about rapprochement with Cuba can’t hurt either.) Certainly, Jeb has his work cut out with conservative and ultra-conservative base. With the party having situated its boot on the throat of the Tea Party, however, we’ll see how much Jeb choses — in the early going at least — to showcase the multiculturalism.

In any case, it’s a far cry from this:

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