January 11, 2015

A Real Cowboy: Delicious Chris Christie Swipe at NFL Playoff Game Via Dallas Morning Newsk

The Dallas Morning News passed this wonderful “sports” photo in the Twitter stream this Sunday morning. With the football playoffs having such a maniacal following, I can’t tell whether or how much the DMN or the photographer also saw this as ironic, political or character branding.  That’s part of the beauty of photography, however, seeing but not saying. (If so, the “divisional” branding of the divisive figure is brilliant southern commentary.)

The other thing this captures is Christie Christie pandering his heart out as a bandwagon Cowboy fan, the presidential aspirant making a barely disguised “southern play.”  (For non-sports fans, today’s divisional playoff game is between the Dallas Cowboys and the cheese heads of Green Bay — not New York, not New Jersey).  So bring on the head bashing. The border politics can wait.

(photo: Dallas Morning News)

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