January 4, 2015

Turning Backs On Turned Backs: The Second Funeral of Gunned Down NYPD Officers

Liu funeral Julia Xanthos

As NYPD mourns Wenjian Liu, some officers again turn backs on mayor – LA Times

De Blasio appeals for unity at NYPD funeral but police turn backs again – The Guardian

Another Protest as Second Officer Is Laid to Rest – NYT

If the NYPD compromised a second funeral of its gunned down colleagues, officers turning their backs again while the Mayor spoke, surely the media — and the bevy of cameras — enabled them. It’s one thing, however, if the rank-and-file felt the need to politicize the event. The fact the fact the media played it as the headline was a depressing way for the buzz, personality and feud-obsessed press to start off a new year.

With the press, the wires and social media teeming with images (1, 2, 3) of officers reversing themselves for the cameras, this shot by NY Daily News photographer Julia Xanthos via the NY Daily News Twitter feed was an even more poignant moment capturing the department’s grief and loss for Officer Liu, occurred as it did in spite of the cameras. Moreover, it can be seen as a symbolic rejoinder to all the officers who turned their backs for less honorable reasons.

(photo: Julia Xanthos/NY Daily News)

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