February 24, 2015

"Breaking" Pic from Fukushima

Talking non-events, what’s just as scary as this Mashable post delivering the concerning news that Fukushima is leaking again? It’s the fact the accompanying photo (cue the urgency, a file shot from last year) says: “nothing to see here.” Maybe it’s a case of: don’t worry yourself what’s bubbling beyond the tarp? Expressive, too, are the numbers on the back of the safety uniform. Maybe this is just inventory data from the manufacturer or TEPCO procurement, but shades of stonewalling and bungling, it reminds me of an equation scratched on a tablecloth or the back of a napkin.

Anybody see my lunch box?

(photo: AP. caption: Workers wearing protective gears rest on the side of a road at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in 2014.)

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