March 12, 2015

Horns Are The Least Of It: Quick Takes On The New TIME Hillary Cover

• Wow, two black presidents in a row?

• The campaign hasn’t even started yet and some people are already black-and-blue.

• Yes, it’s supposed to refer to operating in the margins, but the visual implications go beyond that. What’s such a slap, even if it’s true, is the characterization of someone the country is that familiar with as someone nobody knows at all.  (And yeah, back turned to America is not good.)

• Of course, if you want to avoid the silhouette altogether, there’s always the critique that they gave her devil horns. But then, TIME had a “prebuttal.” …Ah, social media.

• If H. Clinton is running independent from her husband and the email brouhaha involving her tenure involved the current administration, isn’t it a bit sexist — no matter how “they” operate — to lay down a template for the campaign by framing “her” as “them.”

• Attack graphics in the Snowden age?

(photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

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