April 27, 2015

More Absurdity in Baltimore

The video of this CNN reporter, being filmed walking and “narrating” an angry protest in Baltimore over the death of Freddy Gray, feels as risky as it is raw. At one point, an inflamed demonstrator grabs the reporter’s microphone —  in a flash, his epithets and his fury toward “the system” suddenly directed at the media.  Maybe the reporter knows something we don’t because his reaction to this potentially explosive situation — being momentarily apprehended by this agitated man — is primarily one of bemusement. If you watch the entire video segment (the YouTube clip titled: “Freddie Gray Protesters in Baltimore drop F-Bomb on Live TV!), it’s not that the reporter isn’t empathetic as he weaves through the maelstrom. It’s just that his odd reaction, echoing the chaos coming out of Baltimore and smacking of media opportunism, seems blithely so.

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Michael Shaw
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