May 28, 2015

The Palestinians and the Indians: One Pic from Israel’s Burning Man

Did you know Israel had a Burning Man? It wasn’t on my radar.

I did a double take though when I saw this headdress in this slideshow at the Flipboard Photo Desk. The parallel of the American West and the eradication of the “Native Americans” with the Israeli desert and the trials of the Palestinians is certainly mind bending. Let’s be aware, though, that producing this image for general news or news photography platforms (it is a newswire shot) is messing with its contextual DNA.  Because Burning Man is so gonzo, perhaps the choice of this headdress for an Israeli reveler’s costume was, like Dada, a horribly brilliant stroke.

(photo: Amir Cohen/Reuters. caption: A man watches the burning of the “Effigy, Adam & Eve” exhibit.)

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