June 12, 2015

It Went Viral, But Why?: Hillary's 1st Instagram

Hillary Instagram 1

So, Hillary’s first Instagram was pretty popular. But why? (The caption, “Hard choices,” was her book title.)

If you said, because it’s patriotic, that’s too easy. Mostly, what the color scheme and the caption does is demonstrate a sense of humor. No, why this photo is a knockout is because it whisks us off and leaves us with the candidate’s personal garments.

To the extent Mrs. Clinton is recognized as stiff or inscrutable, what you’re compelled to do here — and when was the last time you got alone-time in a major candidate’s dressing area? — is relate to her in a disarmingly personal way.

And, there’s another thing this picture does to the brain. With her outfits right there (not the least, because they are also so anthropomorphic) it’s hard not to conjure the person in the flesh. So, if it’s hard to imagine Hillary as a real person, or just relate to her more personally, than this was an easy slam dunk, yes?

For another viral pic, there’s also Sepp Blatter’s supernatural exit at Medium.

Update: I have to share Katie Irwin’s tweet with you. As we replied, “same thread, artfully different stitch.”

(photo: Hillary Clinton account/Instagram. caption: Hard choices.)

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