June 17, 2015

Why You’ve Gotta Love Heisler’s Photo of Trump’s Announcement

If the GOP has set a particularly low bar this presidential cycle, my early sense of the photojournalism is the opposite.

  • Right tilt.
  • Gilded cage
  • The tell it’s a show? The red rope line.
  • It all comes down to gesticulation.
  • As many flags as you can wave at people, then an exit.
  • Empty escalators. How’s that for a Campaign ’16 metaphor.

Mostly though…

  • By now, you really can’t entertain this guy’s presidential charade without looking down on it.

(Via Lens Blog “Pictures of the Day.”)

(photo: Todd Heisler/The New York Times. caption: People gathered to hear the businessman and television celebrity Donald J. Trump announce that he would be seeking the Republican Party’s nomination for president, at the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.)

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