July 21, 2015

GOP Hopefuls Starting to Blur


As we slog our way into deep summer, the unwieldy Republican cavalcade is becoming quite the spectacle. You saw the NYT “musical chairs” interactive that keeps jiggering and re-jiggering the GOP candidates to predict which ten will qualify for the first televised presidential debate?

Not nearly as glitzy, but perhaps just as incisive was this photo of poor John Kasich from his kick-off announcement on yesterday’s Yahoo Photos of the Day. Some of the most effective photos are those that reach into our brains, taking their pick from our storehouse of metaphors. As in: by the time candidate number sixteen came along, it was mostly a blur.

(photo: Ty Wright/Getty Images caption: Ohio Governor John Kasich gives his speech announcing his 2016 Presidential candidacy at the Ohio Student Union, at The Ohio State University on July 21, 2016 in Columbus, Ohio. Kasich became the 16th candidate to officially enter the race for the Republican presidential nomination.)

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