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International Focus Photo August 31, 2015

Conceptualizing the Migrants

What’s striking to me is how the news imagery of the world-wide migrant crisis is all over the map when it comes to representing these individuals.

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Campaign '16 Photo August 27, 2015

Greenwald on the Depiction of Trump and Ramos as Mirrors

The image seems to specifically key off Greenwald’s criticism of a WAPO article drawing an equivalence between Ramos and Trump as provocateurs.

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Media Focus Photo

The Virginia TV Murder and the Cincinnati Cop Video: The Larger Gesture

With eyes out for symbolism, that arrangement of the hand and fingers is as representative and fraught as any other in this country today.

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Disaster Focus Photo August 26, 2015

More Katrina in Retrospect: Blinded by the Light

The question we asked at the time, and we're asking still, is why the photos published inside the Superdome were so artful and distant?

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Visual Practices & Ethics Photo August 25, 2015

Since Katrina, What’s So Different? — Outside the Crawfish Shak

One thing that characterizes a good deal of these retrospectives is the sense that: that-was-then-and-this-is-now. What stands out to me is how much the racial schism then mirrors the racial schism today.

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Campaign '16 Photo August 24, 2015

On the TIME Trump – American Eagle Shoot … Beyond the Ha, Ha, Ha

If you get too (or completely) distracted by Trump, either through offendedness or amusement from the farce, you’re going to miss the deeper take-away here.

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International Focus Photo August 22, 2015

Newswire Pix: Were it Not for the Culture of Surveillance

I doubt this random newswire photo would have enjoyed the same kind of distribution were it not for the present-day security state.

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Photo August 13, 2015

Why We’re Changing Our Name

Our choice wasn’t difficult, considering we’ve actually been using this phrase as a tagline since, well... that Bush-Kerry election.

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Campaign '16 Photo

Campaign 2016: The Rapture

If we can be less dogmatic for a second about our own jadedness, what is divine is that hope is still out there.

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Media Focus Photo August 11, 2015

When Different Wire Photos on Same Story Address Different Racial Audiences: “Go Set a Watchman”

Who, between these photos, is invited to see themselves as Watchman’s audience?

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International Focus Photo August 10, 2015

The 1% Two Ways

If the term “two Americas” (or two Londons, or, in this case, two Shanghais) is largely understood as a metaphor, what are we to make of it here?

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Ferguson MO Photo

On the Photo Coverage of the One Year Anniversary of the Ferguson Crisis and the Death of Michael Brown

I was looking and hoping for imagery that got underneath the more stereotyped depiction of violence, anger and despair.

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Campaign '16 Photo August 7, 2015

The First GOP16 Cattle Call: Our 3 Pix of the Night

In this troglodyte moment, you can see the boys behind Ms. Kelly back there tittering.

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International Focus Photo August 5, 2015

From His Own Perspective: The Seductive Power of the Instagram Migrant

Of course, we would hope that the migrant diaspora in our media diet would reflect the greatest realism, but that’s a whole different thing than the migrant telling his or her own story, taking his or her own pictures, and controlling his or her own narrative.

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On the Empire State Building Endangered Species Spectacular: I Want to Believe

I want to believe that what I’m experiencing here is demonstrably more than just do-good shock-and-awe.

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Media Focus Photo August 4, 2015

Killer Cop Arraigned in Cincinnati (Confused by How Much Social Media Thrives on Shame)

One thing the shaming obscures is the extreme moral contrast between Tensing and the cops.

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Philip Perdue Photo August 2, 2015

On Light, God, Photography … and That Moment Just Before the Bad Thing Happens

The point isn't that photography is God, or that God is a photograph. But we are in fact dealing with a mode of communication that freezes time and space, obeys its own laws, is both visual and grammatical, and does more to generate meaning—and generates more meaning—than we can...

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