August 13, 2015

Campaign 2016: The Rapture

When campaign 2016 is finally in the books, what is the chance you’ll look back and say that Bernie Sanders shifted the debate so that his party, and this election, moved the country in a more progressive direction? If your answer is “slim or none,” especially given the entertainment value of the Republican soap opera, then what are we to make of these photos?

LAT photographer Marcus Yam must have been aware of the evangelical vibe in the first, or the quality of rapture in the second. If the photos mean to draw a parallel between the plebeian Sanders and the savior, the images are laughable. If, however, the intent was to toy with the notion that politics is still a calling, then these are certainly praiseworthy.

If we can be less dogmatic for a second about our own jadedness, however, what is divine is that hope is still out there.

(photos: Marcus Yam/LA Times. Also, via Facebook. caption: Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks to a sold-out crowd at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena on Monday night.)

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