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Culture Focus Photo September 8, 2015

Colbert: Fit to Be Untied

What we're seeing in this photograph is the look of a person who's reached a tipping point.

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Climb Every Mountain, Ford Every Stream: Beyond the Humanitarian Response to the Great Migration

If humanitarian fervor and photos of the migrant crisis dominated last week like nothing else, this largely invisible image served cleverly, if silently, as a counterpoint.

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International Focus Photo September 4, 2015

The Crisis of Leadership

Perhaps what the crisis images ultimately highlight are the abject limits of our governing systems, our leaders and our humanity.

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Culture Focus Photo September 3, 2015

Christian Conservative “Counter Logic”: That Kim Davis Photo and God’s Law

This photograph of Kim Davis denying gay people equal treatment under the law by appealing to the dictates of her own conscience is a picture of the snake eating its own tail.

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Media Focus Photo September 2, 2015

On Obama in Alaska and the (Visitor) Showers at Auschwitz

My takeaway from the White House photographs of Obama’s trip to Alaska, and the photos of the outdoor misting stations at Auschwitz, is pretty similar

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International Focus Photo September 1, 2015

Why We Saw the Photo of the Israeli Solder Giving the Palestinian Boy a Headlock … Not Fighting a Girl

It’s not just man vs. child, especially female child, that exposes the state. It’s also the sense the otherwise omnipotent soldier might actually be over his head.

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