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Business Focus Photo October 29, 2015

In Spite of Cancer Link, Meat Never Looked So Good

We aren’t invited to question how the American food industry prepares meat. According to the imagery, it's the public's willpower that is on the hook.

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Ashley Gilbertson’s “New Europeans”: A More Subtle Migrant Exodus

This photo of migrant children on the Macedonia/Greece border uniquely captures the more daily highs and lows of this historic period.

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Campaign '16 Photo October 27, 2015

Savaging Jeb!

This Reuters slideshow struck me as really different.

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Seeing the Same Migrant Tide At Wonderfully Different Scales

What’s unique about these four photos is how they capture the same historic passage through Europe at completely different orientations.

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International Focus Photo October 25, 2015

Country and Class and How We Look at the Migrant Crisis

There is always a risk of seeing refugees or people in flight as poor and needy, especially if the photos focus on their dehumanization.

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Campaign '16 Photo October 23, 2015

Reading the Hillary Clinton House Benghazi Testimony Photos

While the media is swimming in a river of Hillary faces from the House Benghazi hearing, I had some thoughts on some slightly less trafficked photos.

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Illustrating vs Storytelling: Jacquelyn Martin’s Photo of Biden in the Rose Garden

Here, the intensity, and even more so, the complexity of Biden's expression requires no reading in.

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International Focus Photo October 21, 2015

Sarah Stacke: Picturing Family in Manenberg

Perhaps it is in the very places where challenges abound, such as Manenberg, where family photo albums can hold the most power to shape identity and collective memory.

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The Visual Promise of Justin Trudeau

We already know Justin Trudeau can make a visual splash. The question is, can he make a difference?

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Culture Focus Photo October 20, 2015

You Say Amusing Halloween Human Interest Photo?

The New York Times photo people do not put just any picture in its “Picture of the Day” gallery.

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International Focus Photo October 18, 2015

Israel / Palestine: Visual Politics of the Knife

What does it mean to spotlight these huge hunting knives when younger Palestinians are just grabbing whatever is in the kitchen drawer?

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Media Focus Photo October 15, 2015

Radical Feminists Disrupt Suffragette Premier; Stars Approve

Why would radical feminists disrupt the premiere of a film celebrating radical feminism? And more significantly, did the optics work?

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International Focus Photo October 14, 2015

Why it’s Critical to View the Photos Inside the MSF Hospital in Kunduz

The photos are crucial for the opportunity to substantiate what we only know to be true.

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Campaign '16 Photo October 13, 2015

Drawing a Contrast: The Democratic Debate in Las Vegas

As it turned out, what was probably most significant about last night's Democratic debate was its comparison to the Republican campaign.

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Campaign '16 Photo

Vegas Debate Preview: Hillary Clinton’s Odd Trump Tower Photo-Op

On the eve of 2015's first Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, this Clinton photo op enables the mogul to tower over her party's event, too.

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International Focus Photo October 12, 2015

Welcome to Intifada 3

What surprisingly informative about this photo of Palestinian's at war with Israel in the Occupied Territories is how much they have to work with.

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International Focus Photo October 8, 2015

The Plague of Opposition Lawmakers

There's no way I can look at this without also thinking about our own, incendiary GOP Congresspeople.

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On Norbert Baksa’s “Migrant Chic” Fashion Shoot

What Baksa has done may differ in degree, but not in kind with how his clients and the news media are pushing the edge.

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