October 8, 2015

The Plague of Opposition Lawmakers

Kosova parliament tear gas

I found this yesterday at the New York Times “Pictures of the Day.” (One thing I appreciate about their daily feature, by the way, is the tight edit — just nine or so photos at a time.)

Here’s the caption:

Opposition lawmakers set off tear gas at a session of Parliament in Pristina, Kosovo, to protest new agreements reached with Serbia in talks brokered by the European Union. (Article.)

Anyway, I saw this picture right after learning about Kevin McCarthy scuttling his bid for US House Speaker. Between this outfit and the gang of GOP congresspeople who have taken the Speakership and the U.S. House hostage, I’m not seeing a lot of difference.

Terror is terror.

…By the way, can you have a majority opposition?

(photo: Petrit Prenaj/European Pressphoto Agency)

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