November 19, 2015

On Charlie Hebdo’s (Latest) Paris Attack Response

Have you seen the latest Charlie Hebdo cover? If it’s about the latest horrific attack on Paris, it seems to say as much, or more, about the last one. The one on their publication.

The translation reads:

“They have arms. Fuck them, we got the Champagne!”

Yes, the illustration is about the defense of French culture and the spirit of resilience. But I can’t help wondering how much that bullet-riddled body represents its own organization and staff. (Might that even seem a little bit like Charb, perhaps?)

Not that I blame them one bit after the losses they suffered. After what happened, I imagine you never stop bleeding, especially as the gunfire echoes again. Noted for blasphemy and defiance to the end, however, this response isn’t.

(illustration: Coco/Charlie Hebdo)

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