November 12, 2015

We Can Now Safely Say it’s the Weirdest Presidential Campaign Ever


If the media has been beating around (or else, on) the bush about it, Jeff Jacobson’s photograph comes out and says it: most people are just not into this presidential campaign.

Our quick takes:

• Politicians aren’t born, they’re made collaged.

• Today’s empty-cup-and-used-tea-bag as yesterday’s empty suit.

• Screams one-dimensional.

• Having had its fill, public finally puts its cup down.

• Marco in serious trouble with the scrapbook vote.

• Take me to your leader.  (…Uh, scratch that.)

• Ugly sign-off for the Tea Party.

See the rest of Jacobson’s campaign photos, mainly historical, at TIME.

(photo: Jeff Jacobson. caption: Marco Rubio rally in Hooksett, NH 2015.)

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