November 2, 2015

The Season’s Most Cynical Political Costume Photo

Halloween Trump

Call it one of the more cynical political images coming out of Halloween 2015. For their D.C. naturalization ceremony to become full-fledged American citizens, these kids were invited to come down to the court house wearing their costumes. Of course, it’s not outside the realm of possibility the family of this kid understood how xenophobic Trump is, the choice of the costume designed perhaps to punctuate the point.  It’s more likely, though, that this family and this kid knew that the combo of the suit, the tie and, especially, the hair, was a sure fire choice when it came to costume recognition and drawing a few laughs.

Before I saw this article, I couldn’t tell if these families had been naturalized or only the children. With that to ponder, I could only imagine what The Donald might have had to say about that.

Maybe, I’m my own anchor child?

Update: Though you can’t tell from the many slideshows and photo galleries (like this one) these photos appear in, this DailyMail article verifies that the parents of Razvan Godja of Romania had already been naturalized.

(photo: Getty Images. caption: Razvan Godja (left) dressed as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a citizenship ceremony.)

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