January 15, 2016

Getty’s GOP Debate Pix: Lunacy Without the Mockery (Mostly)

I don’t envy Scott Olson and his colleagues for having to cover this crazy show. Rather, I admire his confidence, and Getty’s in him, to critically probe it. To the extent these photos are lunatic, just consider the subject matter. There has been plenty of mockery in the photo coverage of the campaign so far. Not here, though. There’s a difference between exaggerating something yourself and documenting what’s exaggerated.

So, here’s our top eight from Charleston last night:


#1 – You’re weak! (DT may not actually be looking at Jeb, but close enough.)

#2. Six of one, half-a-dozen of the other.

#3. They’re from New York:

#4. When it doubt, zoom out:

#5 Operatives: (Actually, this one is mocking.)

#6. Nikki Haley: Trump stalker.

#7. Instead of nominating our candidates by opinion polls, isn’t it time we tried something better? Like, internet searches?

8: The right to bare arms.

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