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February 11, 2016

Fashion of the Times: The Chastity Belt

A model presents a creation by French fashion designer Julien Fournie.

The more politics concerns itself with style and fad, it seems the opposite is also true. With Planned Parenthood under attack, states effectivey eliminating abortion clinics and health care for woman also in retreat, this runway could arguably be seen as a protest space.

Doubling as a utilitarian resource for rape prevention, most of the GOP presidential candiates would likely see the skirt, too, as a tool for tamping down temptation. In the current atmosphere, it’s sad that push back comes more in the form of irony from the Fashion Weeks than from the political debate in the primary weeks.

(photo: Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters. caption: A model presents a creation by French designer Julien Fournie. Via the Reuters slideshow, Paris Haute Couture.)

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