February 22, 2016

Sanders on the *One Hand* and Cruz on *the Other*

People cheer for Bernie Sanders at his Primary Night party in New Hampshire.

Looking through the wire photos, I was surprised to see so many variations of this hand gesture  (both by Sanders himself, and by audience members) at his rallies. My sense, though, is that the frequency has as much to do with the irresistibility when photographers and editors encounter this protest/radical/leftist throwback connected to the socialist.

Hands raised while praying during #TedCruz Columbia, SC

Same with this charismatic style of raising hands around Cruz and his largely fundamentalist followers. I’m never sure, when it comes to pictures from any situation that occurs over and over again, if what I’m looking at is more characteristic than prevalent.

Could you find another two photos, however, that are this loaded, or that charged (like our politics today is charged) to set off the other?

(photo 1: Spencer Platt or plattys1/Instagram. caption: People cheer for Bernie Sanders at his Primary Night party in New Hampshire. #onassignment #fujixpro2 #campaign2016 #gettyimages #berniesanders2016 #gettyimagesnews 7.36 pm 2/9/2016. photo 2: Daniel Acker or daniel_acker/Instagram. caption: Praying during #TedCruz Columbia, SC #bloombergphotos #election2016 #primary #SouthCarolina #campaign #campaintrail #gop #republican #notiphone. 7.03 pm 2/19/2016.)

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