March 9, 2016

Quick Takes on Trump’s Post-Primary Press Meat

And here’s Getty’s Instagram version:

To the spoils goes the victor.

…It is, and always was about the brand.

If you didn’t think it could fall any further, it’s American politics reduced to the level of the Ginsu knife.

Protection racket.

Visions of the next trade package.

Guess they held out the vodka in deference to the evangelicals.

Flint care package.

So much for Gary Hart.

More death of intellectualism. Among the things Trump is trashing, the most significant is symbolism itself. A wall no longer has even a little bit to do with a complex political issue, it’s now literally a wall. Or, more primitively, a johnson is just a johnson.  I guess “red meat” as a metaphor is off the table, too.

At least we know Hilary will not be playing “the arugula card.”

Newest Trump tower.

Chicken in every pot meets room service.

Now, where’s the babe?

(photos: Joe Raedle/Getty Images. caption: A security agent stands near a display of Trump-branded products that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump had for guests, including meat, wine and water, before Trump’s Tuesday night press conference after the Michigan and Mississippi primaries. photo 2: via Instagram/Getty Images.)

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