April 3, 2016

Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Our Weekly Twitter / Instagram Roundup

On Twitter and Instagram this week, we were drawn to photos emphasizing the basic elements of existence. From China to France, Egypt to India, Amsterdam to DC, these photos use nature and its disruption to highlight the environment, politics and protest, disaster and memory.

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Locals sell to visitors plastic bags containing air collected at the mountainous environment protection zone in Qingyuan, Guangdong province, March 19, 2016.Reuters











Like a human rights #mandala. It not only reflects the government’s paranoia and #repression of the #arts, but its dimensions. …And a bow to @degnerd, a careful chronicler of such things. #Repost @nytimes ・・・ This intricate #mural took shape over the past few weeks, spreading across a harried quarter of #Cairo where Egypt’s garbage collectors live amid overflowing bundles of the city’s trash. An artist known as @elseed chose a forsaken corner of the city away from the gaze of officials who have shown little tolerance for artists. By the time @elseed finished the #painting 2 weeks ago, it stretched across more than 50 buildings, making it the largest public work of art in #Cairo anyone can recall. The photographer @degnerd captured the #scale of the mural, which is only fully visible from the edge of the district. “If one wants to see the light of the sun, he must wipe his eyes,” it says, quoting a 3rd-century Coptic Christian bishop.

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