April 29, 2016

FARC, Eco Throes, Obama VR: Our Twitter/Instagram Weekly Favs

In our round up this week, we focus on long term social and environmental problems and a couple key political photos. The FARC photo and the picture of flooding from Brazil come from the Alexia Foundation grants. The organization is one of the key funders of long term social and conscience projects. This week’s Chernobyl anniversary produced some haunting imagery, though we wonder about the impact of a particular photograph in commemoration of Earth Day. Woman came into focus in a big way in the presidential race. We offer a confined view of an Oakland crime suspect. And, Obama demonstrates once again, there’s no bigger fan when it comes to technology.

 Judith and Isa, two female FARC guerrillas from the bloque movil Arturo Ruiz, inside one of the FARC camps. The Bloque Movil Arturo Ruiz of the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia (FARC) are a special unit of FARC who fight in many different regions of Colombia. This unit is like a quick reaction force who help other sub-groups of FARC. About 35% of the Colombian Territory is under the strict control of the Revolutionary Forces of Colombia, or the FARC, as the self-declared Marxist-Leninist guerrilla is known in this country, where they have operated since 1964. As a result of the total lack of infrastructures and presence of the state in these regions, the civil population living in these territories has nearly no alternatives. Poverty, the cultivation of coca leaves or the incorporation to the armed group present at the area are the only choices left. The cultivation of coca leaves is the only choice actually left to farmers, if they wish to survive and support their families. The armed groups that operate in the area guarantee the purchase of the entire harvest. Photo by Alvaro Ybarra Zavala/Getty Images Reportage






Talking about the condition of the earth, the Getty description says that numbers “don’t resonate with people.” They say that “images can turn these abstract numbers into concrete proof.” We believe that’s true. But what about the picture? Exquisite as it is, can’t one argue just as much it turns concrete truth into abstraction? #Repost @gettyimages ・・・ [3 of 4] “Looking at the condition of the #Earth today is scary. The numbers are there but they don’t resonate with people. They make us dizzy and we don’t understand them anymore.” – Yann Arthus-Bertrand #EarthDay #takeover Images can turn these abstract numbers into concrete proof. The symptoms of resource management become irrefutable when contained in a single frame. #?: Scrap yard, Saint Brieuc, Cotes d’Armor, France (48°31′ N, 2°46′ W). These car #carcasses are compressed and then stacked one into the other to await possible use. Before arriving in this #cemetery, these old #cars are dismantled, cleaned up and the parts that can be reused are taken to be sold on the second-hand market or #recycled. France, about 1.5 million cars are sent to the #scrap yard every year. The European End of Line #Vehicles (ELV) directive which makes it compulsory for car manufacturers to recycle 85% of a car’s weight since 2006 (95% in 2015) is a first step towards the sector’s sustainable and responsible management. But the car’s impact is mainly linked to how it’s used. According to the World Health Organization, 1.2 million #people in the world die in car accidents every year and in Europe, car #pollution causes 100.000 premature deaths a year. | #YannArthusBertrand (@yannarthusbertrand) #patterns #nature #trash #?

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