May 6, 2016

No Taco Bowls: Our Week on Twitter & Instagram

In our round up this week, we begin with Cinco de Mayo before moving on to Cuba. The colorful AP photograph helps clear the palate after Trump marred the day. In the photo of the German Parliament, what better way to demand transparency than leaking an international trade proposal on the front of the building? In our take on Nina Berman’s subway photo and the image within an image by the by the photo-activist collective, Dysturb, geometry is key. You’ll find our take on Donald and Melania in our first takeover of photographer Mark Peterson’s Instagram site. Finally, we were interested in the religious as well as political implications of the campaign press corps working in church.

Dancers perform during Cinco de Mayo celebrations in Portland, Oregon. AP Photo by Don Ryan






#Repost @markpetersonpixs ・・・ The amazing Michael Shaw of @readingthepictures Is taking over my account for the next week doing his thing to my pixs… Reading Mark Peterson by Michael Shaw This photo brings to mind that famous phrase, “behind every great man is a great woman.” The way Trump relates to women as objects, though, the picture doesn’t square with the notion that Melania is his backup. Trump’s expression throws things off, too. However you explain his look (tired? distracted? pouty?), Trump is not someone we identify at all with “inward moments.” It’s the rare view of a muted Trump that allows Melania any impact at all. “Reading Mark Peterson” is a collaboration between and Mark Peterson. For more insight on Instagram photos, be sure to follow @readingthepictures. #readingthepictures #donaldtrump #melania #melaniatrump #reportage #photography #primary #politics #bw @reduxpictures #celebrities #couples #portrait #marriages

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The news photo shows “economic orphans” in Moldavia, their mother working in Italy. (Touchingly, the book is an Italian dictionary.) The street is in Canada’s Québec City, the poster hung by #Dysturb, the fine photo-activist collective. What relates the two settings so powerfully is the bend the three bodies share. Playing off that commonality, though, the implication of the photo is two fold. Either some people, encountering concerned photography, are too disturbed by their own circumstances to take notice. Or else they can’t be disturbed enough. #Repost @dysturb via @magnumfoundation ・・・ FR: L’une des plus anciennes villes d’Amérique du Nord, la ville de Québec, a récemment croisé l’équipe Canadienne de #Dysturb. Voici la photo de Myriam Meloni (@la.meloni) collée au 3e Av / 7e rue, quartier La Cité Limoilou. Légende de l’image collée: Deux sœurs sont en train d’apprendre l’italien avec un dictionnaire envoyé par leur mère qui travaille en Italie depuis 4 ans. Dans la République de Moldavie, pays le plus pauvre d’Europe Orientale, plus de 100 000 enfants et adolescents grandissent sans leurs parents. Il sont orphelins économique, leurs pères et leurs mères ayant émigré à la recherche d’un emploi qui leur permettra de survivre, entraîné par l’espoir d’assurer un avenir meilleur pour leurs familles. Photo Myriam Meloni / Picturetank (@picturetank_agency). * * ENG: One of North America’s oldest cities, Québec City, was recently visited by the Candian #Dysturb team. This photograph taken by Myriam Meloni is pasted at 3e Av / 7e street, Neighborhood La Cité Limoilou. The caption reads: Two sisters are learning Italian with a dictionary sent by their mother who works in Italy for 4 years. In the Republic of Moldavia, the poorest country of Eastern Europe, more than 100 000 children and teenagers grow without their parents. He are orphan economic, their fathers and their mothers having immigrated looking for a job which will allow them to survive, pulled by the hope to assure a better future for their families. Photo Myriam Meloni / Picturetank Photo: @renaudphilippe #photojournalisme #photojournalism #Moldavia #moldaviangirl #immigration #poverty

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