July 26, 2016

All in the Family: Democratic Convention Day One

Young people show their emotion during Bernie Sanders's opening night speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Emotions were running high in the "Democratic family" between followers of Sanders and Hillary Clinton. image: screenshot from DNC YouTube feed.

Unless you’re following us on three platforms (here, Twitter and Instagram), we think you’ll appreciate these roundups choosing out our social media favorites delivered to the sphere each day of the Democratic Convention/family intervention in Philly. Whether the media played it way up or it was that stormy (and we’re not just talking about the night’s downpour), there was plenty of angst between Bernie’s insurgents and youngs and Hillary’s own passionate followers and party regulars. And that was on top of the DNC email/favoritism scandal that felled the DNC Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, before she put her hand on the gavel.

If intense emotion was the order and disorder of the day, however, when the evening program finally got underway, the fearsome lineup of the First Lady, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders not only rocked it hard (all for one and one for all; America is already great; Trump strangled with silver spoon) but seemed to channel the electricity in the same direction. So, on to Day 2!

(By the way, Michelle Obama’s first name has two “l”s in it.)


There’s a lot more to M. Scott Brauer’s profile below but it’s a sad commentary when the convention protest space is a journey. #Repost @mscottbrauer ・・・ The area where the DNC is being held in Philadelphia seems much larger and further away from things than the RNC venue in Cleveland. It took me about an hour and a half of walking in the heat to find the correct entrance yesterday, after being told conflicting information by DNC volunteers, local police, secret service, and everyone else. I wasn’t the only one who had trouble finding the media entrance or who was frustrated by the size of the venue. Here, an activist named Annette Elbaz was walking along the eastern perimeter of the larger DNC area. She was trying to find the protest (about which I posted earlier today). The protest ended at FDR park on the western edge of the DNC area, which was about another mile or so from where she was due to fences and barriers put up for the convention. Elbaz said she came down to Philadelphia after attending a Rainbow Gathering in Vermont. She said she “slept in the rough” on the way down to Philadelphia and did some day labor jobs to help fund the trip. On the way, a 24 karat gold necklace was stolen from her; she had hoped to sell it as a way to fund her trip. The necklace came from Egypt, where she lived for a few years recently. She said she witnessed the revolution there first hand and it reinvigorated her activism. She is a Bernie Sanders supporter and said she’s not sure if Hillary is right for the country right now. Photo by @mscottbrauer for @motherjonesmag #demsinphilly DNCinPHL #DNCviaInstagram #protest

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The Great and Powerful Oz. #Repost @rumurpix ・・・ #dncinphilly #DNCinPHL #DNCviaInstagram #feelthebern #protest #bernie #berniesanders

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