July 4, 2016

Turkey, Brexit, Pride: Check Out Our Twitter & Instagram Roundup

In our Twitter/Instagram roundup, we look at the trifecta that dominated the news cycle last week. The Turkish images reflect on the redundancy of terror. The Brexit photos zero in on the telltale signs of calamity. And the two pride photos capture a more political edge. The touching  picture with Senator Murphy shines the same intimate light on lawmakers and the issue of gun violence that we saw in images of the recent congressional sit-in. Finally, the cadet and the Reuter camp photos pick up on our ongoing, if perhaps not that popular concern about the commercialization of public culture.


Shot of @BorisJohnson @reuterspictures speaks volumes re state of post-#Brexit U.K. pic.twitter.com/oK3ejCQKlY




Since 9/11, the Military and professional sports, grooving off each other, have had their way with the public and the complete run of visual culture. The dominance has been so complete that almost any time we bring up war porn or media enabling (this blue and white commercial courtesy of WAPO), it’s met with boredom and even annoyance. So, banishing fear (and its manipulation), back to the oohs and ahhs. #Repost @washpostphoto ・・・ Members of the United States Army 3rd Regiment line up during opening ceremonies before the Washington Nationals played the New York Mets in Washington DC on June 28, 2016. Photo by @j_macpost / The Washington Post. #army #armylife #usarmy #military #usmilitary #baseball #washington #washingtondc #warporn #militarymarketing #politics #media #militarism @nina_berman

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Read @jerseyguy ‘s entire caption below. This is not just a brilliant provocation on the part of LGBT activists in Vienna. It’s also an essential contrast to Pride parades as branding opportunities for the likes (to name a few in SF) of Bank of America, Marriot, Wells Fargo, Hewlett Packard, Chase, Apple, ATT, McDonalds, Coke, Nissan, Genentech, Facebook. (You know, folks who might have interests in some of those stitches.) #Repost @jerseyguy ・・・ “Flags” Taken at Regenbogenparade (Vienna Pride) 2016. Vienna, Austria. The flags represent the 70 countries where homosexuality is illegal. In 7 of those it is a capital offense. #pride #activism #lgbt #homosexuality #vienna #gaypride #branding #sponsorship #integrity #flag

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A worker cleaned blood off the ceiling of the international departure terminal at the Istanbul airport on Wednesday. Photo: Gokhan Tan/Getty Images


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