August 2, 2016

The One Bit of Substance in Those Risqué NY Post Melania Trump Photos

Melania Trump (right) poses for the January 1996 issue of Max Magazine. Photo: Alé de Basse­ville

Because of America’s puritan instincts, most political media are avoiding the nude photos of Melania Trump, surfaced by the NY Post yesterday, like the plague. They come from a ’96 issue of France’s Max Magazine.

Still, this one, showing Melania (right) acting out a bondage scene, is worth considering. In viciously beating up on people while bringing ultimate shame on himself for doing it, this picture fits the Trump M.O. to a T. What we’re witnessing daily via Twitter and CNN are Donald’s whips and chains. The presidential campaign has largely been reduced to Trump ping-ponging between sadism and masochism — Melania, with her shamefully cribbed convention speech and  false resume, being part of the show. Sick as it is, the candidate gets pleasure out of pain.

Photo: Alé de Basse­ville.  Caption: Trump (right) poses for the January 1996 issue of Max Magazine.

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