January 29, 2017

The Trump-Putin Call: Our Tweet Thread

Before the Muslim ban blew up in the administration’s face, it looked like Saturday’s much ballyhooed call to Putin might partly be a tactic to distract from the order. Otherwise, the call just placed more emphasis on Donald’s obsession with Russia. As the first high profile “behind the scenes” photo from the Trump White House, there were other little details to absorb. There was the actual importance of this scene as compared to others in the past. The photo by the multi-talented press secretary also gave us a look at the power dynamics in the room. Also, we got a look at Trump’s desk top and some new tweaks to the Oval Office. It seems Bannon’s elevation of Andrew Jackson is supposed to be some kind of rebel cry.

Here’s our tweet thread:

Photo from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer shows Pres. Trump speaking to Russian President Vladimir Putin

Photo: Eric Draper, White House/A.P. March 20, 2003. Oval Office.

Photo: Robin Groulx / Axios. Caption: Donald Trump, in his office, holds up a copy of "Adams v Jefferson" by John Ferling.

(photo 1: Via White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. caption: President Trump speaking to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photo 2 Eric Draper/White House/AP. caption: March 20, 2003, Oval Office. Photo 3: Robin Groulx / Axios.) 

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