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War & Militarism Photo March 30, 2017

Trump, the Mosul Atrocity, and a GIF That Says it All

How do we come to terms with the Mosul bombing, and a suddenly poisonous and reviled United States of America?

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International Focus Photo March 28, 2017

Protest in Russia, Protest in America

The question is about how familiar Americans are with Russia. And it's about the burden placed on news photos.

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Trump Photo March 26, 2017

TrumpCare Road Rage: Our Weekly Social Media Roundup

Looking back at the GOP's health care collapse, the president's trucker photo op defined the week.

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Militarism Photo March 24, 2017

On the Tillerson Photo at the North Korea DMZ

Simply put, you don't want to be photo bombed, or any other kind of bombed by North Korea.

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Immigration/Migration Photo March 21, 2017

Border Trash and the Human Stakes of Migration

Migrants and bureaucracy co-exist in these photographs. They become a carnival mirror for border enforcement.

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Media Focus Photo March 20, 2017

11 Takeaways on Donald Trump Jr. in Flannel

It's so much easier for the media to do its pandering, or throw a bone, in the style section.

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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo March 17, 2017

The New Shape of Things: Our Social Media Roundup

Two months into the Trump era, edges are harder and surfaces are rougher. If green reflected the Obama period, paint today red.

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Trump Photo March 16, 2017

Reading the Trump “First 50 Days” Photo Album

If anything, the photo album brings Trump's guardedness, and the quality and amount of White House visual disclosure, into greater relief.

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President Obama Photo March 13, 2017

What’s in a White House Profile Image?

A friend of mine asked if I had noticed the difference on Twitter between the Obama and the Trump White House profile images.

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Culture Focus Photo March 9, 2017

Through a Glass, Darkly: Visibility in Trump’s America

It seems to me that the news photo too often is showing us only the aftermath. Too much of the damage is being done off-stage.

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On the Fearless Girl Statue and the Wall Street Bull

I have a hard time giving board room gender reform anywhere near the same importance as the pillaging of the EPA, HUD or the Department of Education.

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Culture Focus Photo March 6, 2017

Tiny Trumps Don’t Shrink the Sexual Power Trip

This Tiny Trump is funny, in essence, because he is smaller than a woman. The joke, ultimately, is at her expense.

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Gender & Identity Photo March 2, 2017

White Privilege and the Pussy Hat

Gender advocacy needs to reckon with the racism that has been built into the fabric of feminist movements.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo March 1, 2017

Trump’s Address to Congress: What Caught Our Eye

Trump received wide praise for his performance last night addressing a joint session of Congress. The problem is, that's mostly what it was.

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