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Christa Olson Photo April 30, 2017

Zombie Trumps at the Border: Risk Goes Both Ways

Analyzing the power in Verónica Cárdenas’s photos of immigrants wearing Trump masks.

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Militarism Focus Photo April 29, 2017

Ivanka and the Settling Mess: Our Social Media Roundup

What with the 100 day milestone and his manic push to put anything on his resume, this was another week of wall-to-wall Trump. Still, I wonder if the tone is shifting.

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Media & Culture Photo April 27, 2017

So, Who WAS Kellyanne Taking That Couch Gate Photo For??

Even as Trump's first 100 days have been analyzed into oblivion, this Couch Gate question is still floating around out there.

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Faith Focus Photo April 26, 2017

On That Stunning Tefillin Photo and the Marks that Remain

The verses inside the tefillin represent an eternal relationship that has already spanned thousands of years. Skin operates on a much shorter, mortal calendar.

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Business Focus Photo April 24, 2017

Visual Politics and the March for Science: What Caught our Eye

As much as science is taken for granted, the point of the march is that science is essential, that it is literally everything.

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Media Focus Photo April 21, 2017

Girls in Mosul, O’Reilly, Transparency: Our Social Media Roundup

What with all the paranoia and sense of doom in the air, we were attracted to several photos this week that challenge the negativity--or the lens itself and the lack of transparency.

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Militarism Photo April 20, 2017

North Korean Border Photos That Challenge Today’s War Hysteria

What these lighter North Korea photos get at is how much the president, gung-ho politicians and TV talking heads would have us cowering.

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Trump Photo April 18, 2017

What’s in an Easter Egg Roll? The Trumps Unguarded

The rarest opportunity to see Trump and his family in a personal situation, photographers haven't had this kind of prolonged access to him since the inauguration.

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International Focus Photo April 13, 2017

Seeing War For What It Is: Ridiculous

War is not fashion and suffering is not funny. But the photo of this missile is both familiar and odd enough to seem uncanny.

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Business Focus Photo April 12, 2017

United: When the Corporate Abuse is Visible

It is not like corporations don't pummel citizens everyday. The difference is that there are no pictures.

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Media Focus Photo April 10, 2017

Between the Trump and Obama Situation Room Photos

As easily as one sees a parallel between the Obama and Trump situation room photos, the comparison -- like most things Trump under closer inspection -- starts to unravel.

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Twitter/Instagram Roundup Photo April 8, 2017

April Means War: Our Social Media Roundup

April is the cruelest month? Capitol Hill meets Blue Velvet? Even before the U.S. missile strike on Thursday night, the photos of the week had an unsettling edge.

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Politics Photo April 7, 2017

Watch: Key Pictures from Trump’s First 100 Days: The Reading the Pictures Salon

In this latest edition of the Reading the Pictures Salon, a distinguished panel reads key pictures from the first 100 days of the Trump Presidency.

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Eco Watch Photo April 5, 2017

Photography’s Limits in the Age of Trump’s EPA

On the capacities of photography to confront environmental crises. Especially now.

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9/11 Photo April 3, 2017

On Melania Trump’s Official White House Portrait

Melania Trump, and a White House visual convention.

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9/11 Photo

On Those Re-released FBI 9/11 Photographs

It's a cold practice "dropping" this still-wrenching material this way. These images, like so many others rushed through the news stream, deserve more.

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